29 January 2011


Assalamulaikum wbt..

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving me an opportunity to once again write this article. And thanks for HIM for allowing us do what we always do, see what we always see, eat what we always eat and be as we always use to be...Who know, this might be our last breath, or your last article that you can read..after all, we have to always seek HIS forgiveness, on whatever we do.

Here we are. Truthfully, not much to tell u guys. But this last four weeks make my life a lil bit miserable, but yet still give me full of excitement, especially when new things keeps popping in my head, unstopable. Don't know how to describe this feeling. But as what I said to my co-developer, Harushard, it was like when you play Dota, at some point your hero gain more experience as he fight other hero. In my case, it was like his experience reach 25 within 5 minutes of playing..haha..(dunno why this example came out of my mind)..