27 March 2009

Burst mode!!

Assalamulaikum wbt..

sori ar geng..lame tapai xpost kat cinie..ok..FYI..tapai ngah develop 1 system for my minor project..wat mase nie, sume ngah in progress..ok..stret to da point, my system is actully 1 of a kind in malaysia (cayalah beb!!) n involving bluetooth technology for forwarding the ads to any prospect (in this case, future customer)..

Utk system nie, team aku develop using :
1. Tools:
Visual Studio 9 Pro Edition
Microsoft Expression Blend
Microsoft Expression Design
Microsoft SQL Server
2. Language/ Technology
WPF (windows presentation foundation)

so..dalam team aku, consist of me ( grup leader) for desktop apps module, nnb for bluetooth module and last but not least, alfin for my web service module..overall progress ritenow is more or less 70 %..pada sape y xtau pebende yang aku buat nie, kat bawah nie ade explaination die :

"BlueAds system is an advertising system that uses a Bluetooth technology to forward the specific advertisement to user mobile phone once they step in the shopping complex.This system is build to enhance and help any company to advertise their product directly to their target customer and eventually reduce the advertising cost.BlueAds works by forwarding the advertisement to customer’s mobile phone through Bluetooth provided by our server at the main entrance of shopping complex. Once the customer steps in into main entrance, our kiosk (sub server) will detect and start forwarding the advertisement."

Kat bawah nie, ade beberape screenshot of my part only (desktop apps)..sume interface dh di upgrade kan utk integrate ngn Vista Aero Glass Effect..thats why die semi transparent n more nice..so,bagi la komen y membina ckit k sal tapai nyer user interface..n thnxs to all my teammates =)..thanxs a lot..next post tapai akan bg ckit review sal other module (from nnb and alfin) n bile sume dh siap, insyaAllah tapai akn bg full system review and specification..

ini Login screen tapai=)...yosh vista effect..

ni Main menu..n menu2 tue actually floating+animate..juz lil bit animation for user attraction.sume animation di buat dlm expression blend, bkn flash ok..hehe

nie plak salah satu subsystem tapai which is Customer list..kat cni, admin leh navigate, add new, remove and update any customer details and profile. sume customer profile di simpan dlm database (SQL server) using ADO.Net

nie tapai nyer sample advertisement detail..kalu korag prasan, each button pun tapai letak Glass Effect..means, user hanya nmpak tulisan je as a menu, then bile user mouse over, button tue akn timbul n semi transparent

pada kwn2 len, cpat2..duedate nk dkat dh nie..pe lagi, pulun bagi siap!!..yosh!!